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Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting back on Le Cheval (Learning French Part Three)

To get caught up, make sure to read part one and part two.

Un Cheval
That horse's look shows disappointment. The reason he's disappointed is because last March I stopped studying French. For the first time using this program, I found that I had failed. Rather than try harder, come back to the lesson, and do it again; I let my resolve fall away. I kept telling myself that I was going to pick it back up. I was just taking a break. The break lasted until the end of the summer. It was then that I picked things back up again and tried relearning what I had learned previously. That lasted about a week before I gave up again. It was starting to look like I was never going to follow through on this. French would be just another language in which I could formally introduce myself and then could count to ten. (Others include English, Spanish, and Japanese.)

Ernie wants your help counting his rubber ducky sex toys.
What made me finally get my shit together? Honestly, I was just tired of not succeeding. There was no reason for me give up. I bought the program. I had the training CDs. I more than had the time. I had all the tools to follow through. All I needed was a kick in the butt (or, if you prefer, a kick in the ass). That's what I gave myself.
The Mobius Strip of Ass Kicking
The past couple weeks, I have renewed my dedication to learning French. I've set aside time to study everyday. I've been re-completing old lessons. This week, I will begin the advancement I should have made ten months ago. And I have every intention of finishing. Up until that point, I have every intention of keeping you informed, not only of my progress, but my failures as well. If I don't, I may end up writing a similar post this time next year. And really, who wants that?

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